The great thing about a HansVans Teardrop camper is that they


                            Can be towed by small cars.



Towing a HansVans Teardrop does not require a large vehicle or costly setup.


  Your car has three (main) weight rules…


             Tow weight                                                 520kg on the 9*5   Aluminum sides

                                                                                      440Kg on the 9*5   composite walls

                                                                                320 kg on the 7*4  (see the photos of Little Whitey,)

             Brake fitting                                                  Only $750 and we can fit over ride brakes if required.  

             Ball weight                                                      Aprx 50 Kg  this can be changed if required. (this is without tool box)



                   So look at your owners manual and see if you need over ride brakes or not.




  Most small cars can tow our Teardrops with out any extra fittings or effort

 Only some need the over ride brakes to assist in breaking, which is shown in your car users manual


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