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Had a fabulous time in Bryon Bay.  The teardrop performed like a charm – easy to tow, comfortable and functional, withstood inclement weather, and the 120W solar panel is excellent.  The stereo inside bounces off the back wall so it sounds as though speakers are also behind you.  I was surprised at the capacity and usability of the storage space inside and in the kitchen – really easy to kept organised.  Set-up time is a real plus – we saw one family with a camper trailer spend about an hour setting up near us before they were ready to have a cup of tea.


People flocked whenever we pulled up (like chips and seagulls).  Even my neighbours bring people over to see it.


The colours are very popular and a few also commented that it would look great with white-walled tyres and chrome hubcaps (I will do this at some stage).


Hope to get some good bush photos – will send you copies.


Hope all is going well! 


Best regards, Geoff

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