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 80 WATT Solar panel  =  aprx 4.5 amps a hour at 6 hours a day average that’s  27– 30 amps a day APRX


Usage  (drainage)  is  about


Fridge uses about 20-25 amps a day   (if used as a fridge with  3-5amp Fridge/Freezer compressor this is the biggest power usage)


Lights aprx 4-5 amps


Radio  2-3 amps a day


With a 100amp battery it allows for some days to use more that the solar panel can make but then you collect more than used the next day.



The car can also be connected to your Hans Vans and top up as your driving. (Anderson plug is about the same costs of a Solar set up )


This information is only a guide

Solar option

Completed TearDrop  $11990.00 as shown


Size  9*5

Its fitted with :      


                                  CD/radio with front auxiliary for connection to PC and remote (usb and sim ports)

                                  Double mattress  (150mm foam)

                                  Two 12volt out lets rear and one in the sleeping area

                                  Deep cycle battery for use in non powered areas

                                  Battery charger for powered sites.

                                  11Lt  water jerry

                                  Butane gas burner

                                  Plastic sink

                                  Galley cupboards

                                  Plastic storage box under bench top

                                  Fridge/Freezer bay (let us know what size your fridge is)


                 Just add food and clothes and your away any where




                 Dry weight is 450Kg Aprx   no brakes required  (Note please check your vehicle towing rate)        

HansVans Teardrops

Big Red photo's, Hans Vans TearDrops

HansVans “True Blue”

HansVans “Bumble Bee” Yellow with rocker

HansVans Yellow Flat bottom

HansVans “white small”

HansVans Flat packs

HansVas Mud Guards

HansVans Teardrop doors

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The Inside view

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Solar option


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